Rev. Ernestine Griffin

The Beginning

Motivated by the desire to create a campus ministry, Rev. Ernestine Griffin organized a Resource Team of professional volunteers and consequently applied for and received permission from the University of Michigan to organize a student ministry on campus.

With the help of the Resource Team, a proposal was developed and submitted to the Association of Unity Churches for approval of an alternative ministry in November, 1998. Garnering support from local faculty and staff, a student group was organized to assist with the recruitment of other students who may be open to studying and practicing easy-to-use, everyday Truth principles.

On December 8, 1998, Unity On Campus was launched at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. In February of 1999, Unity On Campus was approved as an alternative ministry.


With the rapidly growing demands of maintaining in the campus ministry, UOC expanded and hired a young student advisor as a leader to support Reverend Ernestine Griffin.  Carla Joy Thomas acted as the first Student Activities Coordinator, joining a team of volunteers and board members under the leadership of Reverend Ernestine, a licensed and ordained minister.  Samantha Tozzi, a third-year Unity on Campus member, is the current Student Coordinator, assisting Rev. E with the many tasks involved in keeping Unity on Campus moving forward!

In 2010, Unity on Campus expanded to Eastern Michigan University in order to minister to more students looking for a spiritual home.  Unity on Campus at EMU meets on Monday nights.  It is still a young group, but growing in its reach and looking for creative ways to meet students’ needs.  For example, a volunteer staffed a Listening Post in 2011, sitting in a common space and listening to students with a compassionate, calming ear.

Looking to the Future

In 2013, Unity on Campus is celebrating its 15th year as a college ministry.  We look forward to envisioning where UOC will be in another 15 years!

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