Voting is a Spiritual Practice

Today, the appearances of corona pandemic, economic instability,
public health crisis, social and racial injustice, demand we, Truth
students, put “feet on our prayers.” Christian scripture, Matt.
5:13-16, emphasizes “letting your light shine”. In the Revealing
Word, Charles Fillmore, Co-founder of Unity, defines “light” as the
symbol of wisdom, the expression of Truth in all its aspects. The
universe, the world, the planet is screaming for “Light”. May we
affirm wholeness, in the appearance of dis-ease, substance and
supply in the appearance of lack, divine justice and order in the
appearance of social and racial injustice.
As we pray affirmatively during these unusual times, let us move
our feet in the physical sense and do what we can do. Give love and
compassion, time, talent, and treasure. Get in Good Trouble as we
BE and share the Truth that we know. Share the “Light” that is the

Do not just think about voting. Plan your vote and vote early.
James 2:14-18, “Faith without works is dead.” Unity principles tells
us that Truth must be demonstrated. Know that voting is a spiritual

Rev. Ernestine Griffin

The Light of God surrounds us as we let our Light shine.

Warmest Blessings, Ernestine Griffin

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