2020 Annual Friends Appreciation Celebration

On October 25th, 2020 UOC had conducted their Annual Friend’s Reception via Zoom.

We recognize the following:


December 2020: Hailie Porter, James Herbin

May 2020: David Dodds, Samantha McClary, Steven McClary

2018 Graduates not previously honored: Briana Hamber, Amber Harp

Student Award: Christina Herbin for her service to Ministry and Spiritual Growth

Volunteer Award: Anicia Blake for her service to the Ministry on Social Media

Forget-Me-Nots: We give special recognition and gratitude to all those who keep the ministry moving forward:


  • Betty Calhoun
  • Luis and Arletha Garcia Guzman
  • Mary Ellen Griffin
  • Pamela Griffin
  • S & E Griffin
  • Mary Horton
  • Lois Jones
  • Ray and Tammy Kussmaul
  • James and Carla McGinnis
  • Jacque Nickerson
  • Nancy O’Hara
  • Kara Pettis
  • Debra Brodie Smith
  • Elise Thomas
  • Diane Williams
  • Ruth Woody

“For-Get-Me-Not” Churches
Detroit Unity Temple
Royal Oak
Unity in Chicago

Thanks to all church contributors

  1. Unity Church of Ann Arbor
  2. Unity of Rochester
  3. Unity in Milwaukee
  4. Unity Outreach Detroit

Published by Unity On Campus

Unity On Campus is an inclusive, non-denominational campus ministry dedicated to new thought teachings and open to any young adult in the community or all students seeking spiritual support and a spiritually enriching environment. Our intention is to provide an atmosphere that is open to a rewarding and fulfilling environment that respects the views and needs of the individual. See you on Thursday!!

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