2020 Annual Friends Appreciation Celebration

On October 25th, 2020 UOC had conducted their Annual Friend’s Reception via Zoom.

We recognize the following:


December 2020: Hailie Porter, James Herbin

May 2020: David Dodds, Samantha McClary, Steven McClary

2018 Graduates not previously honored: Briana Hamber, Amber Harp

Student Award: Christina Herbin for her service to Ministry and Spiritual Growth

Volunteer Award: Anicia Blake for her service to the Ministry on Social Media

Forget-Me-Nots: We give special recognition and gratitude to all those who keep the ministry moving forward:


  • Betty Calhoun
  • Luis and Arletha Garcia Guzman
  • Mary Ellen Griffin
  • Pamela Griffin
  • S & E Griffin
  • Mary Horton
  • Lois Jones
  • Ray and Tammy Kussmaul
  • James and Carla McGinnis
  • Jacque Nickerson
  • Nancy O’Hara
  • Kara Pettis
  • Debra Brodie Smith
  • Elise Thomas
  • Diane Williams
  • Ruth Woody

“For-Get-Me-Not” Churches
Detroit Unity Temple
Royal Oak
Unity in Chicago

Thanks to all church contributors

  1. Unity Church of Ann Arbor
  2. Unity of Rochester
  3. Unity in Milwaukee
  4. Unity Outreach Detroit

In times of COVID19

Steven McClary

Dear Friend,

It has been a while since I wrote one of these letters, so I hope it finds you well! For those who don’t remember me, I am Steven McClary. Since we last spoke, I have graduated from Central Michigan University with a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. I am still teaching High School Science in a small charter school and gearing up for a year that will have more drama because of COVID-19.

I was asked to write this letter because of my science perspective on Corona and how the meta-physical lessons of UOC impact my perspective. First, I would like to say listen to the CDC and what they suggest. They are the top scientists on infectious disease in the US for a reason. Second, do NOT listen to what everyone is saying about it on the media. There is a lot of fear mongering that is happening right now. The number of deaths do to COVID is less than one years worth of Influenza-A. Be safe and caring to others.

There are some facts about COVID that seem to be pushed by the wayside that we should discuss. Corona is a class of virus that has the “common cold” and other “bugs” in the same category. It can be bad, even deadly, but for most it is acting like a bad flu. My wife has worked from a distance with some people who had it and most of her contacts have survived. This is including a 104 year old, a 101 year old, and a couple of people in their 90s. We will get through this if we are understanding of each other and not just screaming what we are being told to say. As NBC had as a slogan “The More You Know!”

For the Meta-physical side of the equation, that was a bit harder. When I started to think about this, I couldn’t think of a good answer. I had/have rage toward the situation because I know there is nothing I can do. I also got annoyed that I have lost two people, so far, this year, neither to COVID but one to a heart attack at 38 and the other to ALS. I thought it was not right that people are dying and we only care about the Corona patients. But then I realized, my wife is going to three baby showers, two wedding showers and life is going on.

We had some other issues occurring and when it seemed the bleakest, things lined up how we needed them to. So the meta-physical lesson that I found within this “Joyful” time of reflection is Divine Order. When bills were coming in with a ridiculous percentage rate on loans, money from tax refunds and COVID stimulus came and we can pay off the whole thing in one go. When the schedules for the students doesn’t make sense and the internship ending is going crazy, we are able to go for a night to Bay City so we can go to a restaurant we love and have a night away from how things are at home.

I hope you find the positives within all situations and know Divine Order is working.

Steven McClary

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